Terms and conditions


Art. 1) Orders.

Orders can be sent in electronic format using the SHOP.NARDIOUTDOOR.COM on-line store. When placing an order (in electronic format, by fax or over the phone), purchasers unconditionally accept all of NARDI S.P.A.'s general terms and conditions of sale currently in force. These terms and conditions shall also be referred to in the event of claims. Orders sent electronically are considered placed on the date the message reaches the bidder[B1] 's system and in the location of the latter's registered headquarters, pursuant to the provisions of Italian Leg. Decree No. 70/2003. Any requests for additional products to supplement orders that have already been sent will be considered as a new order. NARDI S.P.A. reserves the right to refuse orders which at its sole discretion are not compatible with its sales policy.

Art. 2) Packaging.

Packaging of goods is free of charge.

Art. 3) Pricing.

All prices are subject to market fluctuations and may vary at any time without the obligation to provide notice thereof on the part of NARDI S.P.A.. The final prices applied are those in force at the time of delivery. All prices are understood to include VAT.

Art. 4) Payment terms.

Payment must be made using the methods and within the deadlines specified on SHOP.NARDIOUTDOOR.COM. NARDI S.P.A. reserves the right to suspend processing on any pending orders and to refuse future orders until full payment has been made, and may also amend the payment terms reserved. The purchaser is obliged to pay the amount expressed on the invoice, VAT included, without discounts and/or rounding-off not expressly envisaged

Art. 5) Transportation.

Deliveries will be made carriage paid to the customer's address, charging the shipping costs. The shipping costs will be quantified during the order completion phase.

Any date provided for the delivery of the goods ordered is purely indicative, and NARDI S.P.A. will not be held liable for any delivery delays or any damage which any delays may cause the purchaser. In the event of a temporary shortage of one or more products, NARDI S.P.A. reserves the right to deliver the products available and subsequently to ship the products not included in the first delivery carriage paid. Any requests for additional products to supplement orders that have already been sent will be considered as a new order.

Art. 6) Claims, shortages.

The customer shall carefully check the quantity, weight and condition of the boxes upon receipt of goods. In the event of discrepancies in the number of boxes, in the weight and/or tampering of the same, make an immediate inspection of the goods and make a note on the DDT transport document and on the carrier's delivery bill of any shortages and/or breakages. The customer shall inform NARDI S.P.A. of any such shortages and/or breakages by e-mail to customer.service@nardioutdoor.com within 48 hours, attaching a copy of the reservations made to the carrier.

Art. 7) Returns.

Please note that from 01.01.2016 goods may be returned only and solely in the event of a mistake on our part in shipping the goods or in the event of a quality defect in the products.

Applications to return goods must be made by filling in the form available on our SHOP.NARDIOUTDOOR.COM store or by sending an e-mail to customer.service@nardioutdoor.com within and no later than 15 days from receipt of goods.

After 15 days from delivery of goods, no returns will be accepted under any circumstances.

All the following products will be returned to the Customer:

- those for which an application to return goods has not been filled in,

- those for which the return was not authorised,

- those which are without their original packaging and/or have been used.

The same applies to those products returned as faulty yet which prove to be intact upon inspection.

In the above cases, the Customer will be charged EUR 20.00 to pay for transportation.

Art. 8) Guarantee, liability.

All products are covered by the guarantee provided by the manufacturers. The guarantee does not apply in the presence of damage caused by incorrect use or use that does not comply with the instructions for use and maintenance, caused by tampering, by falling, or attempted repairs. Under no circumstances will NARDI S.P.A. be held liable for defects or damage to products and personal injuries caused by incorrect use or use that does not comply with the instructions for use and safety provided by the manufacturer, changes to the original characteristics, negligent product use

Art. 9 - Court with jurisdiction

For all controversies relating to the interpretation and performance of the terms and conditions of sale herein, the Court of Vicenza shall have sole jurisdiction.

Art. 10) DISCLOSURE FOR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS pursuant to the provisions of Art. 13 of Italian Leg. Decree no. 196 dated 30th June 2003 entitled the "Personal data protection code".

Please note that: we process personal data in hard copy and electronic format and gather it at our headquarters, to fulfil the obligations set by the law, by the regulations and by EU regulations and to handle relations every step of the way (pre-contractual, contractual, in the event of disputes, etc.); that the data in our possession will not be disseminated or disclosed to third parties for commercial purposes, without prejudice to the limitations set out in Art. 16 of Italian Leg. Decree 196/2003; you may at any time exercise your rights (acknowledged by Art. 7 of Italian Leg.Dec. 196/2003) by writing to the Data Controller, NARDI S.P.A., headquartered in Chiampo (VI) Via Arso 4, or to the Data Coordinator, who is responsible ad interim for the Administration Department, whom you can contact for the updated list, including addresses, of the other appointed data processors and any third party recipients of personal data disclosures. You are in fact entitled to know at any time what personal data relating to you are in our possession and how these are used. You are also entitled to have such data updated, supplemented, amended or deleted, to ask for the processing thereof to be suspended or to refuse such processing, by sending a request to this end to our company, by registered letter, or by e-mail.

Art. 11) EU ODR (Online Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes)

The European dispute resolution tool is available at the following address: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage